Feb 27, 2006

Can't take my eyes off you .

Well, if i were to sit back and have only one thing besides me for my lifetime , that would be you. The more i see you, the more i love you . And my love for you is indefinite. As shiny the stars are , as bright the moon is , as good as this song is , and as vivid this imagination is , you're the only one whom i love and die for.

cant take my eyes off you, cant take my mind off you.

Your love is so strong that minorities that come as difficulties in life dont take me back. I never feel down, never feel deprived , never feel alone cos you are deeply rooted within me. The more i remember you , and the more i miss you , my love for you has reached a level of strength thats so unbreakable. I would like to meet you oneday , and brace you such that i would never leave you again. For the timebeing, even your presence on my mind gets that freshness within me . I mark every morning with a smile from your face and every evening with a goodnight kiss from you. I cant help being euphoric with your impulses in my brain. Seems like i am in cloud-nine always.

This has impact on my life and i am thankful to you , cos its all because of you. I am always cheerful with mates , anyone on my vicinity .. only because i got you within me . Sometimes , when i feel i am insecure i ask you and you reply from my heart , comeon .. go on my boy , i am here for you. SO , i regain all the confidence to build a life that satisfies me the most. Even if you were not there for me , i know these times , i would have always been looking for you throughout my life . And thats for sure.

Your presence in my life has always motivated for the best within me and one day, when we meet .. i promise .. we'll never part. And that would be the greatest day of my life-time. The "patience" that you catered me with : is the strength that i possess having you in my life. You are my love, my destiny , my star : LOVE being the highway to the stars. Thanks for being yourself , within myself.

Interpret it the way you like : let me hear what your interpretations are.

1 comment:

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