Apr 3, 2006

i miss u i need u

We were once together
We were once in love
But it’s further
then the usual bond we had
You stayed away
I failed to say
And now the problems you faced
is mine to forget
To forget you
To remind me
Of the mistakes I made
That made you leave
You blame yourself
But I got to say
Its not you all along
I've realized that it was ME...

I'm staring at the neoprint
we took with my best friend..
"CUTEYZ" it said at the bottom of the pic..
Oh..I wished you were here
to share a laugh with me..
To relive those moments that we had
Oh..I'm missing you again..

My apologies if I’m being foolish
But I can't stop thinking of you ever since
Knowing that you're not here with me..
A empty space
A broken heart..
I guess I'm alone now..

I used to sit on the bench with you by my side..
But now whenever I sat there I'm all alone..
All I could do is stare at the empty space beside me..
Wishing that it was you there..
Oh..I'm missing you again..

There's always "1 message received" on my phone
It's always you to wish me good night
Or to call me in the middle of the night..
Your mum would tick you for calling me..
Haha..how cute..
But no..now my phone is left alone..like me..
Oh..I'm missing you double-time..

The night where we sat at the playground behind our school..
1st August 2005..
Under the moonlight that shone in my heart
But my heart is not where it used to be..
Its in your hands..
And we shared our first kiss there..
Oh..I love you..
But what's the use..
You're not there anymore..
You're not here..
Where you should be..
My love..I've been standing here waiting for your presence..
Steal my heart once more..
I need you..
I need you..