Jan 30, 2007

Christmas Island

"Christmas Island rainforest"

Red crabs begin their march from the forest to the sea, where they will reproduce. During the migration, the island's human inhabitants just have to adapt. There are around 120 million crabs on the march The crabs navigate the same pathways year after year For the islanders, encounters with crabs during the migration are just part of island life. Most of the time we just work around the crabs and take them for granted Red crabs are scavengers After two weeks of marching, the first wave of crabs reaches the ocean. The weary travellers dip in the ocean to replace body fluids and salts. The weary travellers dip in the ocean to replace body fluids and salts. Aerial view of Christmas Island. Crabs pop up in the most unexpected places. female crab expels eggs from her brood pouch. The eggs hatch immediately on contact with the water Baby crabs navigate their way into the rainforest.

Imran and Mallika (Murder)

Director: Anurag Basu
Cast: Mallika Sherawat, Emran Haashmi.
Length: 2hrs 40mins
Release: 1st April 2004
Simran (Mallika Sherawat)is married to Sudhir (Ashmit Patel), who is a businessman. They also have a son by the name of Kabir. They all live happily in Bangkok.
Sudhir believes that he has always given his best to his wife and son. But Simran thinks that being materialistic does not provide the love which she yearns for from her husband.
As for Sudhir, he does not listen to his wife's feelings. He becomes immensely engrossed in making money for a comfortable future. That leaves Simran all alone most of the time.One rainy day, she comes across her old college friend Sunny (Emraan Hashmi). They were once in love with each other during their college years.
A lonely Simran quickly becomes hypnotised by Sunny's warm affection. Unable to resist the temptation of the flesh, she gives in to him. An affair is sparked off between the two.
The nasty twist comes when Sudhir gets to know about this relationship. To confirm his suspicions, he hires a detective who brings proof of her infidelity.
Armed with this information, Sudhir confronts Sunny which leads to some devastating results - murder!
Director Anurag Basu has learnt from his mistakes whilst making Saaya.
With this film, he has improved tremendously with his direction, taking full advantage of the locales, the suspense and the tension in the storyline.
The Bhatt brothers who are producers for this film have taken great care in handling the story.
After Raaz, this murder mystery will bring them joy at the box office once again.
Ashmit Patel looks better and more convincing than his debut film Inteha.
Emraan Hashmi, the obsessed lover in the film, proves that he is one to be noticed in Bollywood.
On the whole, Murder is an engrossing film worth watching on video due to the right doses of emotions and suspense.
It will take you by surprise! This film has already broken all box office records in India upon its release. It will not dissappoint.