Dec 18, 2006

Book: A People War / लडाईंमा जनता

Images of Nepal conflict 1996-2006

people-in-war.gifEvery war has its iconic picture. Somewhere in this book is the photograph that will be remembered as the symbol of the conflict in Nepal between 1996 to 2006. This book is the story of those years in pictures.

The best way to report on a conflict is not to cover the war, but the people caught up in it. These photographs capture the anguish, pain and suffering, but also the innate Nepali ability to survive against all odds, to help others despite adversity, and to show humanity when there is inhumanity all around.

Journalists and photographers from across the country were asked to submit pictures, and a 3-member international committee short listed them from 2,561 images. The hardest part was to select the final 179 pictures in this book. We hope they will help the cause of non-violence, help us close this cruel chapter in Nepal’s history, and bring peace, prosperity and justice to all Nepalis. –Kunda Dixit

Children in Motipur of Kailali play in the ruins of a police station destroyed by Maoists. Photo: Amrit Gurung

This picture of a unit of Maoist guerrillas was in possession of a rebel fighter captured by the security forces.

The cradle of the Maoist revolution, Thawang in Rolpa. Photo: Kiyoko Ogura

Tulsi Basnet’s husband, police inspector, was killed by a roadside Maoist bomb in Syangja (left). The widow of a policeman (right). Photos: Prakash Mathema (L)/Dhruba Ale (R)

Band brothers from the Maoist Special Task Force. Photo: Damber K Shrestha

A Maoist Guerilla (Left). Three generations of women in Mugu (Right). Photos: Durga Lal KC (L)/Mohan Mainali (R)

A woman finds her husband among dozens of policemen killed in a Maoist raid in Naumule in Dailekh. Photo: Chandra Shekhar Karki

A grandmother of a soldier, killed in the Maoist attack, grieves at Pashupati. Photo: Narendra Shrestha

A woman washes blood from the steps of her shuttered shop the day after the Maoist attack on Beni. Photo: Thomas Bell

The wrek of a milk tanker set on fire by Maoists. Photo: Kiran Panday

The army airlifts commandos to Dang. Photo: Chandra Shekhar Karki

Children near Mugling inspect and army armoured vehicle that was bombed. Photo: Narendra Shrestha

An aerial attack by the army in Thokarpa of Sindhupalchok. Photo: Kiyoko Ogura

Sadhuram Devkota (Prashant): coordinator of the Maoist Kathmandu unit was said to have committed sucide after three months in detention at the army’s Brigade in Balaju. Photo: Ravi Manandhar

The massacre of 19 rebels and civilians by the army in doramba lead to the collapse of the second ceasefire in August 2003. Photo: CPN (Maoist)

Bodies of police and army personnel killedduring the battle of Beni. Photo: Gopal Chitrakar

Decomposed body of a policeman killed during a Maoist raid being removed from the village of Gam in Rolpa. Photo: Narendra Shrestha

A man meets his nephew at a Maoist gathering in Ramechhap. Photo: Mukunda Bogati

Soldiers in action in western Nepal. Photo: Dhruba Ale

An anti-Maoist vigilante in Rupandehi and his bodyguard pose with shotguns (Left). Debi Sunar, the mother of Maina, on learning that she was dead (Right). Photos: Dipak Gyawali (L) / Muna Sharma (R)

The army helicopter lands on the street of Panauti. Photo: Bikas Karki

Soldiers guard a telecommunication tower at Bahundanda in Lamjung. Photo: Kul Chandra Neupane

This passenger was among 36 killed when the Maoists bombed a bus in Madi, Chitwan. Photo: Kumar Shrestha

A bomb crater, booby trapped by Maoists, on Mahendra highway near Butwal. Photo: Dipendra Baduwal

The Churpa Bridge in Dailekh that was bombed and damaged by the Maoist. Photo: Rabi Tuladhar

Four government vehicles were torched on Bagmati Bridge. Photo: Rajesh Gurung

A student protester at Tribhuban University in Kirtipur successfully saves a deputy inspector of Police. Photo: Sundar Shrestha

The bodies of King Birendra, Queen Aishwarya, and Prince Nirajan are cremated at Pashupati. Photo: Kishor Rajbhandari

A street child runs down the road in Kathmandu carrying Nepali Congress flag. Photo: Sundra Shrestha

A boy clambers up a goal post outside the army base in Tansen. Photo: Rajesh KC