Sep 25, 2006

Olympic 2008 stadiums (Beijing - China)

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The 2008 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, will be held in Beijing, China from August 8, 2008 through August 24, 2008, with the opening ceremony to take place at 8 p.m. on August 8th. The number 8 is associated with prosperity in Chinese culture. Some events, like beach volleyball, sailing, and swimming's new marathon 10km events, will be held in the coastal city of Qingdao. On July 8, 2005, the International Olympic Committee announced that Hong Kong will hold the equestrian events at the site of the Hong Kong Sports Institute in Fo Tan, Sha Tin. The facilities of the Sports Institute may be moved to Wu Kai Sha. This will be the second time the same edition of Olympic Games has been hosted by two National Olympic Committees. (A similar arrangement was in place between Melbourne, Australia, and Stockholm, Sweden, for the 1956 Summer Olympics.)

Marzipan Babies

Cute Handmade Babies
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Marzipan is a confectionery consisting primarily of ground almonds and sugar that derives its characteristic flavor from bitter almonds, which constitute 4% to 6% of total almond content by weight. Some marzipan is also flavored with rosewater. Although it is believed to have originated in Persia (present-day Iran) and to have been introduced to Europe through the Turks, there is some dispute between Hungary and Italy over its originator.
Marzipan became a specialty of the Baltic Sea region of Germany.In particular, the city of Lübeck has a proud tradition of marzipan manufacture. The city's manufacturers like Niederegger still guarantee their Marzipan to contain two thirds almonds by weight, which results in a juicy, bright yellow product.Under EU law, marzipan must have a minimum almond oil content of 14% and a maximum moisture content of 8.5%. Optional additional ingredients are rosewater, honey, pistachios and preservatives. In the U.S., marzipan must include at least a quarter almonds by weight, otherwise it is considered to be almond paste. However, in Sweden and Finland "almond paste" refers to a marzipan that contains 50% ground almonds, i.e. a much higher quality than regular marzipan.

World Beauty

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View of Holland

The Purple Romance

The Night Scene of Eiffel Tower

The Moon and Star on Earth

The Beauty of the Desert

The beauty of Antarctica

Scenery of Europe

Red Cherry Bloom in Japan


Lavender Farm Lavender

Farm and Tree

Lavender "Foot of the Mountain"

Golden Maple Leaf

German's New Swan Castle

Edge of Glacier

Disney Castle

Deep Autum

Comet (Make a wish)

Cherry bloom in Japan

Cherry bloom in Japan

Blue Sea

Beauty of Tibet

Autumn of Germany