Jun 5, 2006

Tale Of A heart

This is not exactly a story but it is a story of a heart.

When I close my eyes, I am shocked not seeing u. Are u lost? But u chose the way down my eyes to my heart. From my heart there is no way further to my life. I know that, but my heart doesn’t want to kick u, ur memory out if it. This is the same heart that invited u inside, this same heart longing 4 u every time. I know what it wished 4 shall not be fulfilled. U r not with me but your remembrances will lead me through my life. Just 1 request plz don’t haunt my memories coz the pain of not getting u hurts more then the pain of letting u go. U r not mine but I am urs that’s what satisfy me but then I remember my helplessness and my heart is shattered in to pieces . Loves nothing until u’ve experienced it. when it pricks u, u experience the pain. Something good or worse no words to explain. I want u but u can't be mine. Ur remembrance will do but this same remembrance penetrated its way through my heart just to make me cry. They say no pain no gain but in my case it’s just pain without any gain and I can't bargain. This is all I can do sense you. I can’t let u or I’d rather say ur image out of my mind coz it seems u are the meaning of my life. I am carried away in your love and little insane. But this r my feeling tossed with reality torn here and there but patched with hope.