Feb 7, 2006

Secret garden

open the door on my dear shelter.
A place where the sun casts shadows
and stars are growing like... flowers...
and silently..., the wind is dancing in me.
I feel alive, I feel myself,
under my weeping willow...

- - - - - -
When everything goes wrong,
when the stress is your best friend,
when you can't remember your name,
open the door of your garden, and feel the serenity.

I won't do a poll, but, let me know : What's the TREE of YOUR secret garden ?

So, it's done... and submited. And I feel like if I was naked front of you.
Every of my drawings is a striptease... sharing my art, I share myself, my feelings, my fears, my wishes...
luckily it's just piece of art :D. Or maybe I am just a narcissistic person... why not

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