Feb 21, 2006

Two poems I wrote this morning

When I write a poem,
It does not always rhyme.
But whenever I see you,
My face will always shine.

I can't write a poem,
Thought this, nearly gave up.
But this desire to be with you,
It just did not stop.

I wrote a poem years ago,
It was very long.
Now its you that I love,
These feelings are too strong.

I tried again last weekend,
To write a poem new.
Though I couldn't write one then,
I was sure I loved you.

I've told you what my feelings are,
Never done this before.
That's because I felt there were,
Many things in store.

A little guilty, that's how I feel,
For opening my heart.
Now if you don't come to me,
I may just fall apart.

But never happy would I be,
If only for me, you came.
So, come to me only if,
You also feel the same.

I don't know about you
No, I know you a lot
All these years, been together
Sometimes even fought

But I don't know how you feel
What's inside your mind?
Hope it's not someone else
That you're trying to find

I told you all about me
There's nothing you don't know
If you really love me
Let your feelings show

Was waiting for you all day
Wouldn't you have been sad?
My slap was a sign of love
So please now, don't be mad

If there are things you don't like
You just have to say
I'll try to improve myself
From that very day

But listen to one last thing
Never put me behind the cloud
If you don't love me anymore
Just spell it out loud

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