Mar 21, 2006

The end of a chapter

Life's not fair, whoever said it was
A pretty harsh thing to say
For a tragedy as small as this
Wouldn't agree completely right now
Yeah, I so don't agree right now
But then again, there are probably greater tragedies in life

It's better to have loved and lost
Than to have not loved at all
Wouldn't agree to this one either
Yeah a person wiser than me
Someone more mature
Someone who's seen life
Someone who's lived life said that
Who am I to comment on it?
They were stronger than me perhaps
But they probably didn't live through the same tragedy again and again

I am exaggerating the pain, the tragedy
But it doesn't seem enough still
I read this somewhere
What would you do
If the only person who could make you smile gives you tears
I wouldn't agree to it
There's never like a single person
But then there are people always
Who care for you, love you
But who hurt you, shatter you
Unintentionally, maybe, yes maybe at times
But yeah they just have to hurt you sometimes, to get you back to the truth, the reality

So wrapping it all up, it hurts
It hurts so bad, feels so deserted, so forsaken
I know I have been a coward
I know it, I have just been trying to hang to what is there already
I have never had the courage to look beyond
Never had the strength to make it on my own
Just have been looking for someone else to fall back on
But it's high time, I took the ends as new beginnings
They say every cloud has a silver lining, I so hope it does

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