Mar 23, 2006

Never meant to be

The void, the emptiness
Seems like it's going to last a lifetime
Times change, people change
They move on, maybe I'll do that too
But I want it to be right now
I don't have the strength to go on

I want to blame you for everything
For what has been
And for what could have been
If only there'd been no beginning
There'd have been no end
And without it, there'd have been no pain

I know I've hurt you
I know I've not bothered to understand it
But there's been a reason
My own pain just overwhelmed me
Always, every time
I should have, but I couldn't look beyond it

Through all the four seasons
We've tried to hold it together
Held on to it, without nurturing it
Held on, just coz we couldn't let it go
As cynical as it may sound
But perhaps, it was never meant to be

it's said no begening of past
no end of future..
but still every thing created
end one day.. this is real truth

empitiness and blaming other
don't ease our sorrow.. just add
because it's worthless to say
i'm in pain because of s/he

i love her and am very much
in grief when i come to know
she loves another guy..
no any affection for me..

why i'm in pain?

is this because i came to know
that she loves.. him not me.. ?

no it's not true.. so many ladies
loves other not me.. but i don't
fell sorrow and pain learning this
but it's my attachment which
hurt me because my desires r
not fullfilled, i'm ignored

this self me is the cause
of sorrow .. not any wordly
things can bring u sorrow
lust, carvings r the reason..

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