Sep 6, 2007


Nothing in this world is impossible even the word impossible itself breaks in to "I M Possible”. So, maybe someone with a really lousy voice can be a singing idol practicing 10-12 hours a day or may be one with no sense of words can be a prominent writer reading thousands of writings of famous writer and practicing writing on a daily basis. So, I guess nothing is impossible. But on the other hand, I think that each of should know what we are up to or what we want out of our life. I mean like if we are doing something we have no knowledge or idea about then we are damn sure to fail and if we fail it's up to us whether we try again or let it be. Letting it be would be an easy option that most of us would choose than trying again. Yes... Of course,” Try, try and try again” is like an ideal line we have learnt since we were kiddies. Trying is not so easy and trying again and again is like hell but that depends on us as it's human who does everything, making much impossibility possible in our day to day life. So, it depends on whether we believe in ourselves or not, whether we are determined enough and whether we have ample patience .I think to try is the best optimistic quality that anyone can develop but for that we have to have another behavioral quality and that is the ability to triumph over our aggravation that increases with each failures and have a sturdy will-power and focus .So, for me “Try, try and try again” is like a gospel truth and I think one of the biggest asset a person could have.

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