Feb 7, 2006

Oh Help Me Here

Still I feel the same pain
doesn't need to get physical
it grows by day & by night
through my eyes cries in fright.

They all say because they can
could they have ever understood
I wish they all had known
how much do i feel the pain.

Shall I ever be happy again
a slight utter of your name here
it hurts I feel like falling down
if its not you, you are still my warm gown.

Here I am alone, hurt & down
you are all that it is to me
all that ever can bring me back up
I know you understand my pain is my love.

everytime i think i missed her
search her in my soul
i found thee my love
and know i didn't missed her

no need to find her here n there
when i know she's inside me
and share everyting with her
because she's a part of me

but still if i've to feel the phsical touch
yes i do miss her and know i'll
but what's use to get things all in real
when there's virtual world tooo

where your every desires come true
and nothing is left behind...
i love to be in dreams because i know
this world sucks and makes me feel sorrow

so i prefer to be in drea
ms and addicted in love

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