Feb 7, 2006

Poems(All about Friend N Friendship)

Life without Friendship

Life without friendship....
is like the dawn without the sun.

Life without friendship....
is like the sky without the moon
when the evening has begun.

Life without friendship....
is like a rose without rain.

Life without friendship....
just wouldn't be the same.

Life without friendship....
is like a ship without a sea.

Life without friendship....
just could not be
without a friend like you for me.

Far away friends

I will never forget

That time you helped me out

The time I was distraught

And you were there

We had chatted before

In a superficial way

Jokes and smiles with

Flattery and pleasantries

But on that night

We chatted for hours

You brought a smile to my face

And I needed that

It was that night

That cemented our friendship

Although we had not met

We became close friends

I know so much about you

And yet so very little

You almost know everything there is

To know about me

Although we are miles apart

In so many ways

My heart feels so close

To you, my dear friend

For You...My Friend

To some people, a friend is practically anyone they know. To me, friendship means a much closer relationship,one in which you take the time to really understand each other.

A friend is someone you trust enough to share a part of yourself the rest of the world may never see.

When it comes to friendship, it's quality not quantity

With you I know I have the very Best!

A special prayer

Every evening

as I'm laying here in bed

This little prayer keeps running

through my mortal head

God bless my mom and dad

and bless my little child

and take care of my spouse

when things start gettin wild....

and God there's one more thing

I wish that you could do

hope ya don't mind me askin'

but 'PLEASE' bless my 'puter too??

Now I know that it's not normal

to bless a mother board

but listen just a second

while I explain to you, "MY LORD"

you see, that little metal box

holds more than odds and ends.

inside those small components

rest a hundred of my 'BEST FRIENDS'

Some it's true I've never seen

and most I've never met

we've never shaken hands

or shared a meal as yet...

I know for sure they like me

by the kindnesses that they give

and this little scrap of metal

is how I travel to where they live.

by faith is how I know them

much the same as I know you.

I share in what life brings them

from that our friendship grew.

'PLEASE' take an extra minute

from your duties up above...

to bless this hunk of metal

that's filled with so much love.

My Cyber Friend

I haven't ever seen you,

but I know you're really there;

I click you into reality

Like magic from the air.

Your voice is like an angel,

Though I really do not hear;

Your hug as warm as any

Of loved ones I hold dear.

You're always there for comfort,

Or a word of cheer;

Though you are very far away,

I always have you near.

You're a very special friend,

Like none I've ever known;

As long as you're in cyberspace

I'll never be alone.


Friendship is a strange thing....we find ourselves telling each other the deepest details of our lives...things we don't even share with our families who raised us...But what is a friend? A confidant? A lover? A fellow email junkie? A shoulder to cry on? an ear to listen? a heart to feel?...A friend is all these things...and more. No matter where we met,....I call you friend. A word so small...yet so large in feeling...a word filled with emotion. It is true great things come in small packages.
Once the package of friendship has been opened, it can never be closed...it is a constant book always written... waiting to be read...and enjoyed
We may have our disagreements...we may argue...we may concern one another... friendship is a unique bond that lasts through it all.... A part of me is put into my friends... some it is my humor...some it is my listening ear...some it is real life experiences...some it is my romanticism...but with all, it is friendship. Friendships forged are a construct stronger than steel built as a foundation....necessary for life...and necessary for love. :-)
Friends, you and me.... you brought another friend... and then there were 3... we started our group... Our circle of friends... and like that circle... there is no beginning or end.. Keep this going.... Email all your friends this message.... Email all those friends you never met.... Those you have... and those you've lost along the way... This is to all wonderful people I have met personally or online!

A friend is a treasure

A friend is someone we turn to, When our spirits need a lift. A friend is someone we treasure, For our friendship is a gift. A friend is someone who fills our lives, With beauty, joy, and grace. And makes the world we live in, a better and happier place

Ode to a Friend

When you are sad

I will dry your tears

When you are scared

I will comfort your fears

When you are worried

I will give you hope

When you are confused

I will help you cope

and when you are lost

and can't see the light

I shall be your beacon

shining ever so bright

This is my oath

I pledge till the end

Why you may ask

because you're a friend.

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