Jun 16, 2006

Within My Soul

You came from my dreams,
Filling my heart.
Walking beside me,
Holding me close
The gentleness you bestowed upon me
The closeness we share
Leaves me in awe of you.

So many truths of dreams and desires
Held so tight.
Hidden just below the surface
A heart no longer silent
The need to share the reality
Of such purity of essence

You see me as I am
I wear no mask before you
Standing vulnerable, shy, soft, and loving
No pretending, it is very real
You're not my imagination,
But what was missing from my soul

A piece of cloth,
Woven so close.
Threads intertwined
Each touched by the other.
Held tight, each making the other strong
With every thread, it becomes more complete
One in the same, each enhancing the other

Do we stand and question
The purity of this moment
Together in sight of a common goal
Or merely brushing it aside, and settling
With a mere existence

Will we have the courage
To open our hearts,
Letting our souls reach out,
Sharing completely

Knowing this could be ... that last chance
Could we just walk away ?
Or reach for all the dreams to come true.

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